Mr. Yellow Cap produces gas can cap replacements for your lost Blitz, Kolpin, Rotopax, and Sceptor brand plastic spouts. Vintage to new, we have the cap for you!

Mr. Yellow Cap Vents


Mr. Yellow Cap Vents are designed to allow you to release the pressure that builds up in a closed gas can prior to pouring. They also aid in easy pouring when opened, so that your gas does not gurgle and splash out while trying to pour gas into the equipment.

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How to Install Mr. Yellow Cap Vents
You can install the vents in any Blitz, Wedco, Scepter, Essence, Eagle, Midwest, Briggs & Stratton, No-Spill, brand gas cans and many other types of fuel cans / jugs.

  • To install a new vent, pre-drill a small hole in the can on top, opposite of the spout with a 1/16” drill bit.
  • Drill the final hole with a 1/2” boring bit (be gentle when drilling, and check can for any debris).
  • Now you have your 1/2” hole, all you have to do to install the vent in by tapping the vent with a hammer, or if you’re “strong like bull,” snap that puppy in with the palm of your hand, push firmly to fully seat.


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