Mr. Yellow Cap produces gas can cap replacements for your lost Blitz, Kolpin, Rotopax, and Sceptor brand plastic spouts. Vintage to new, we have the cap for you!


“Items exactly as described. Very easy to install. I especially like the hole on the cap which allowed a string to be attached so I wouldn’t lose this one. The vent was easy to install also. I used a 31/64 drill and tapped the vent in with a hammer.”

Amazon Customer 9/22/16

“I guess you could call these vents a ‘little yellow gem’. This has to be one of the best products I have bought in quite a while…really! New gas cans now seem to come without a vent so when you pour gas it seems to take forever. Installing this vent is so easy. I was done installing them in 3 cans in under 10 minutes. Now I can fill my generator tank in a quarter of the time it used to.”

Amazon Customer 9/3/16

“Super fast shipping and arrived in perfect condition. WONDERFUL item that solved my problem!”

Amazon Customer 9/4/16

“Prompt delivery and it fit my gas cans’ nozzles, so all is right in the world.”

Amazon Customer 9/1/16

“Item as described or better, arrived several days early. Great transaction.”

Amazon Customer 8/4/16

“These are wonderful. Now I don’t have to wonder where I lost a gas cap. I have new ones.”

Amazon Customer 9/1/16

“Perfect product. Even better than advertised. Very smart engineering in a simple but necessary item. I am very impressed.”

Amazon Customer 7/25/16

“JUST the ticket to fix those miserable ‘gov’t-rules’ fuel cans. The 1/2″ bit worked best for me. One whack with a rubber mallet and VOILA! Seated!! Just tried out one 5 gallon of diesel in the tractor and it emptied in at least half of the time as before. MUCHO better.”

Amazon Customer 6/22/16

“I plan to buy more.”

Amazon Customer 6/10/16

“Great fit, and fast service.”

Amazon Customer 6/28/16

“Quick and easy transaction.”

Amazon Customer 6/25/16

“I will order again from this seller, very good customer service and order came several days sooner than expected. I also asked about other items and even though he did not offer them for sale he told me where they were available. And the caps I ordered from him worked great.”

Amazon Customer 6/14/16

“Sent quickly; good item, won’t work for what I thought, but will work for something; not worth cost to send back. Not sellers fault. Will use somewhere, sent fast and in fine shape. Too bad it didn’t fit.”

Amazon Customer, 6/14/16

“Great product. Better quality than what I expected. Fast shipping.”

Amazon Customer, 1/22/16

“Much better than original, works great.”

Amazon Customer 1/18/16

“Allows for a higher flow from 5 gal containers, considering the latest safety spouts that limit to a slow flow. Thanks.”

Amazon Customer, 1/12/16

“These work great on my old Blitz containers, and I won’t lose them since I have now attached them to the container.”

Amazon Customer, 12/25/15

“Wow. Fast delivery. They fit the spout perfectly.”

Amazon Customer 12/22/15

“Fast delivery and I finally found the right cap for my 5 gallon can.”

Amazon Customer, 9/10/16

“I’ve been looking for this item for a long time. Works perfect, just wat I needed.”

Amazon Customer, 9/10/16

“Thank you. These were exactly what I needed. I had several gas cans missing lids and ths saved me so much money not having to replace the cans. I used a string to tie them to the gas cans so I will hopefully not lose any again.”

Amazon Customer 9/18/16

Dear MYC,

I love this company, I am really glad you contacted me,   I was really pissed when they stopped making the yellow cap replacements. I tried two replacement spouts from hardware store, and because of safety valves on them they would leak and were hard to operate, and in my opinion more dangerous than the yellow cap.  I have lost several of these caps, which made my cans useless, and you solved this problem with the strap holes on the new yellow cap.  The reason for the cap coming off,  I discovered later, was if can got in the heat the pressure would build up and blow it across the yard.,  but you have also fixed this problem with the added vent.  Fricken  awesome,  I have spread your product to several people.  And twice I have left a card with your website address on two different landscapers, where I noticed the cans with missing caps, on their trailers..  funny.  Sorry I don’t have suggestions, just praise. P.S. I would like to have some of your cards/stickers.

Adam “Bert” Dixon of Mauldin, SC

“Finally I found caps for my old pre-2009 cans. They fit tightly and will not pop off so far. I was dreading having to get more of the newer-style cans as I hate the twist/pull/push spouts and I spill more gas than ever with those things.”


Just what my old gas can needed. He thought he could get early retirement for disability. The new yellow cap has him back in the gas business.

Amazon Customer, 8/21/15

“Great caps, fit better than the original ones, couldn’t go wrong with these.”


“Delivered quickly and fits perfect as instructions say to install.”


“Packed well, shipped promptly, great transaction.”


“Item as described, shipped quickly and the price was reasonable.”


Why didn’t the company that makes the can come up with this design? Ingenious! I have cattle that think that the yellow caps on my gas cans are edible treats. They can’t get these off in spite of their best efforts. Maybe this guy should add “cattle proof” to their list of virtues.

Amazon Customer

I got the caps and they are great. Only problem is that when it was discovered that I had caps, they went like hot cakes on a cold morning. Would I be able to get another 36 count order?

Ebay Customer

“Packed well, shipped promptly, great transaction.”


“Outstanding company, I wish you would start making the Blitz cans!”

Ebay Customer 12/23/15

“Works great. No More Glug Glug from the Jug..I used a 1/2″ paddle bit, ad it snaps in tights.”

Amazon Customer 7/18/16

“Easy to install, makes pouring of the gas a lot faster.”

Amazon Customer, 7/18/16

“Easy to install, makes pouring of the gas a lot faster.”

Amazon Customer 7/18/16

“Follow instructions that come with them, and they fit and seal perfectly. Seem to be good quality. Seller emailed that satisfaction was #1 priority. Very pleased with this sale.”

Amazon Customer 7/27/16

“Arrived early and worked as advertised – no leaks!”

Amazon Customer 8/6/16

“Arrived early and worked as advertised – no leaks!”

Amazon Customer 8/6/16

“Arrived early, great product, never thought I would find these for my old style gas can spout.”

Amazon Customer, 7/8/16

“Finally have a vent in my gas can!”

Amazon Customer 7/1/16

These are great replacement caps for older plastic gas cans. The lid broke on the vent cap of my 15 year old can which is still way better than these new trickle flow cans. Popped out the old with a plastic pin remover, pushed in the Mr. Yellow Cap and it is as good as new. My newer cans will be getting one as well.

Amazon Customer, 12/13/15

Arrived SOONER than I expected, fit BETTER than I expected, and had more FEATURES than factory original. VERY pleased – a GREAT value!

Amazon Customer

“Wow I love these caps. I will be ordering more for my friends. They are a bit jealous.”


Much higher quality than original cap that came with can. Saved me from buying 3 new cans.

Amazon Customer

“Nothing more to say than, “Awesome job!”. Exactly what I ordered, shipped and received on time. Couldn’t ask for any more than that.”


Convinced about the awesomeness of Mr. Yellow Cap?

“Fast Delivery! Great product, installed 4 of them today. A++++++ Thanks!””

Amazon Customer, 1/13/16

Thank you. These were exactly what I needed. I had several gas cans missing lids and this saved me so much money not having to replace the cans. I used a string to tie them to the gas cans so I will hopefully not lose them again!

Amazon Customer – 9/18/15

“Just like it showed, quickly mailed. Would order again from this seller.”


“Perfect fit!”

Amazon Customer 7/15/16

“Cut the time to empty gas can in half…my back appreciates that!”

Amazon Customer, 7/22/16

“Outstanding seller and OUTSTANDING ITEM …. Works better than the original”

eBay Customer – 07/15/15

“Cleverly designed and nicely manufactured replacement caps. Highly recommended.”

eBay Customer – 07/15

“Very honest seller, would buy from anytime. AAA+”

eBay Customer – 06/15

I have had the same gas cans for the last 12 years, and in the last 3 weeks, lost the caps on both of them. I searched for another entire gas can..but the new ones always have bad reviews. I stumbled onto your website using a search engine and boy did that make my day!  So glad that someone had an idea like yours. I will anxiously be awaiting my order and will be telling everyone I know that have ‘vintage’ gas cans to check you out!

Lynn (Miss Lost Yellow Caps!)

I am no longer capless, my Yellow Caps just arrived, and my gas cans are now safe and happy again!  These seem very sturdy and should last me a long time. But I am keeping your email address just in case I need more..or friends ask where they came from. Thanks for the excellent customer service (and the bonus pen). Was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to do so again in the future. I will keep my eyes out for that new product you were talking about. Have a great day, thanks again—SO MUCH!

Lynn (no longer yellow capless)

” I have already used one as a replacement on a plastic gas can and it worked perfectly. I plan to use the other to equip newer plastic gasoline cans that do not have vents. They are well made, snap close tightly. Thank!”


“Parts got lost in the mail due to shipping damage, but Mr. Yellow Cap promptly responded and sent another set out without any questions asked, even though they were not at fault. Great customer service. Second packages arrived and caps fit perfectly as replacement for my older style Blitz gas containers. Good solid American made product.”