Mr. Yellow Cap produces gas can cap replacements for your lost Blitz, Kolpin, Rotopax, and Sceptor brand plastic spouts. Vintage to new, we have the cap for you!

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Why Mr. Yellow Cap?

Mr. Yellow Cap was developed to supply a need in the market place because no one else had the product. The company that originally designed and manufactured the yellow gas can cap went out of business in August 2012 after many years of success. At one time Blitz USA (See link HERE) produced 3 out of every 4 portable gas cans in the US.
The problem with their gas can spout was that the yellow cap kept getting lost. When the cap is lost there are a variety of problems that potentially can occur (e.g., dirt & debris in the can, gas evaporation, and the big one; gas fumes escaping, causing a dangerous situation and breathing difficulties.

Why should I be selling Mr. Yellow Cap?
  • Manufactured in the US!
  • Not available anywhere else in the world, other than from us, and we have the patent (pending)!
  • Buy straight from the manufacturer, no distributors or other middle men, to keep costs down!
  • The market is huge!
  • Redesigned so that it will never get lost again!
  • Affordable and highly profitable!
  • Tests show that most people hate the new gas can design and want to continue using their older gas cans!  See this article (excuse the language): Click Here
  • Not available in the retail market (box stores)!
  • Anyone that has a lawnmower, weed eater, chain saw, snow blower, generator or other gas- powered tool, probably has at least one plastic Blitz gas can.
  • It works like it is supposed to!
What is the market like?

When Blitz USA was manufacturing the famous plastic gas cans, they produced in excess of 14 million pieces each year for over 10 years, and they were available everywhere.  We estimate that at least 50% of those cans are missing the little yellow cap on the end of the spout.  This creates a market place of approximately 70 million cans/spouts to cap.  Even if they have their existing caps, they are always aware that it can be easily misplaced.  Mr. Yellow Cap also fits other older style gas cans besides Blitz. They also fit Kolpin or Rotopax, and others.  Also, keep in mind, that there are more than just red gas cans out there; there are diesel cans (yellow), water cans (white), kerosene cans (blue), and they all use the same spout (if they were made by Blitz).  On average, we sell four (4) caps per order through our website.  This tells us that people have multiple cans to cap.

Why isn’t Mr. Yellow Cap sold in the local retail stores?

We have given this a lot of thought and consideration, but decided that the uncertainty of retail and their demands (pricing, delivery, buy-back programs, etc.) are not what we want to deal with at the moment.  This is why we chose that the Flea Market/Swap Meet/Small Retailer market was a good way to get our product to the end consumer.  We understand, and appreciate, that a large portion of the population are frequent visitors to Flea Markets, looking for the unusual, unique, and affordable items they need or desire.  In addition, the vendors that work these markets are hard-working and interact with their customers, offering the customer service that is lacking in big-box retail.  We do not want our product just hanging on a hook somewhere in a store, when we can have someone like you, demonstrating the product for the customer!

Why should I add this product to my inventory?

Are you looking for something that moves quickly? We have proven Mr. Yellow Cap sells well in the Flea Market venue because we set up a booth and tested it (see the information below).  If you are currently selling lawn/garden related items, this is perfect for your inventory!  If you are selling bedding, or clothing, then this might not be a good fit; unless you are considering expanding your inventory.  Maybe you are looking to set up a different booth completely? Then this is the product to start with! This is a great standalone product which turns a profit. Will it sell year around?  The answer is a resounding YES!  If you’re in the south (FL, GA, LA, TX, etc.) then people mow their lawns all year-long.  If you are up north, then winter activities prevail, such as snowmobiles, chainsaws, generators, and snow blowers. Many people also store extra gas in their garage for when the power goes out.

So what are the markets?

Just look at this list and see if it is something that might fit for you…

  • Boating
  • Jet Ski
  • Fishing
  • Motor Cycles
  • Lawn and Gardening
  • Wood Cutting
  • Snow Mobiles
  • Snow Blowers
  • Tractors (farming)
  • Generators
  • Commercial Lawn Care
  • Construction – (Generators, compressors, saws, cement/mortar mixers, Bobcats, back hoes, diggers, and the list goes on and on, anything run by gas or diesel needs extra gas close by)

We could go on and on with these lists, but the point is, at some time in everyone’s life they have used, or will need to use, a gas can; most likely, it will be a Blitz gas can which will likely be missing its  yellow cap!  Consider this: every convenience, grocery, dollar, or big-box store carries gas cans because they know there is a large market.  They hope to sell new cans to those who can’t find their yellow cap!

What are people saying about this product?

Here are some samples of what people are saying about Mr. Yellow Cap on Amazon and eBay! We have provided what was ordered and how much they paid beside each comment.

  • “Clever solution to a common problem. Good value.” (paid $11.95 for 2 caps and 2 vents)
  • “Just What I needed!” (paid $18.95 for 4 caps and 4 vents)
  • “Great Product” (paid $5.00 for 1 cap)
  • “Excellent!!!! They fit perfect!!!!” (paid $11.95 for 2 caps and 2 vents)
  • “Arrived SOONER than I expected, fit BETTER than I expected, and have more FEATURES than the factory original. VERY pleased and GREAT value.” (paid $7.25 for 3 caps with free vent)
  • “These caps fit perfectly! I was able to return the new gas can I brought and instead just use a replacement cap.” (paid $7.25 for 3 caps with free vent)

There are hundreds more on our Amazon and eBay stores!

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