Mr. Yellow Cap produces gas can cap replacements for your lost Blitz, Kolpin, Rotopax, and Sceptor brand plastic spouts. Vintage to new, we have the cap for you!

My Story

You Are Not The Only One! 

My story is probably a lot like yours. 

My wife and I are always asking each other the same questions: “Why doesn’t someone make        ???!,” and if they do make it, “why is it so difficult to find?!”

My wife loves to mow the lawn as much as I do. She has her own gas can and lawn mower. For whatever reason, I’m always using her gas can(s). The issue with that is, I ALWAYS lose the yellow caps. My solution, like many of yours, is to stuff a rag, or a stick in the spout. If that didn’t work, I would put an old water bottle over the spout. It seemed to work for me, but “Boy-o-Boy” she didn’t like that!

So one day she came out and asked two simple questions:

1) “Where is my yellow gas can cap for my gas can?”

2) and “where can I purchase another one?”

This put me on the search, but I simply could not find a replacement anywhere. When I went to explain my dilemma to her, she said what I was already thinking, “if they don’t make one, why can’t we?” So after numerous hours of research to purchase a “replacement gas can spout cap”, and finding no results, we decided to do exactly that.

This brings you here to Mr. Yellow Cap. The name came from my wife who drew a parallel between a dunce cap and “Mr. Yellow Cap” since I always lost the yellow blitz gas can caps!

My Story, Admit it. It is yours too.

Perfectly Good Gas Can

With Its Original Yellow Cap

You finish using the gas can but you can't find the cap!

Your Brilliant Solution.

Well, it seems that way at first.

Stop the cycle and...

Mr. Yellow Cap is a very simple, yet effective solution to your lost gas can spout cap issue.

Please watch our video to see how Mr. Yellow Cap can help you.

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Does Mr. Yellow Cap look like something you could use?

Never Lose The Gas Can Cap Again?

Really? YES!

Our Mr. Yellow Cap packs come with a piece of Velcro to attach your cap to your can, as well as string that attaches to the cap and the gas can to make doubly sure you don’t lose it again. If, for some reason, you do lose it again, just stop back by and you can purchase another before your wife finds out!

Are You Man Enough?

To purchase Mr. Yellow Cap, we have a simple disclaimer for you to read. We just want to make sure you are mature enough to handle gas cans. No biggie.