Mr. Yellow Cap produces gas can cap replacements for your lost Blitz, Kolpin, Rotopax, and Sceptor brand plastic spouts. Vintage to new, we have the cap for you!

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Mr. Yellow Cap Gas Can Spout Replacement: What size spout does Mr. Yellow Cap fit?

The interior diameter (ID) of Mr. Yellow Cap is 7/8 inches or .875 inches. For a snug fit, the outside diameter (OD) of the spout needs to be at least .845 inches. If your spout has a smaller OD, then you can still use Mr. Yellow Cap as a gas can replacement to keep debris out of your gas cans.
Mr. Yellow Cap Gas Can Spout Replacement
Mr. Yellow Cap Gas Can Spout Replacement

Gas Can Spout Replacements: faqs-mr-yellow-cap-Whats the big deal if my Yellow Cap is missing?

We found other interesting information when we did the research. Eleven people were killed and over 1200 seriously injured by exploding gas cans, as reported by NBC News . . . “At NBC News’ request, the Consumer Product Safety Commission analyzed available incident and injury databases and counted reports of at least 11 deaths and 1,200 emergency room visits that involved gas can explosions during the pouring of gasoline since 1998.” That’s just the action of pouring. What about the static discharge? The fumes from gasoline are extremely flammable and without a properly fitted and secured cap on the end of the spout, the gas can is subject to explosions. Studies show that even static sparks can ignite them. This made us very nervous, as we always go to the gas station to fill up the gas cans and always smell the fumes on the way back. We were always worried that it would dump over and spill. Don’t put yourself or your family in a potential hazardous situation, protect yourself!