Mr. Yellow Cap produces gas can cap replacements for your lost Blitz, Kolpin, Rotopax, and Sceptor brand plastic spouts. Vintage to new, we have the cap for you!

FAQs about Mr. Yellow Cap

FAQs about Mr. Yellow Cap-Why do I keep losing my yellow cap?

The problem with the original (old) design is that it always got lost. It was designed for locking, but few people understood that. How do we know this? Because we own 8 different Blitz gas/diesel cans and not one of them have the original yellow caps in place. They are all missing from their spout(s).

 FAQs about Mr. Yellow Cap-Why shouldn’t I just contact the original manufacturer?

When we finally decided to contact the manufacturer to locate replacements parts, we found they had gone out of business. When we started asking friends, associates, and total strangers, if they still had their original yellow caps, they all said “no, they were lost a long time ago”. We also asked our friends if they knew where to purchase replacements. The answers were always “no”!

FAQs about Mr. Yellow Cap-Why Mr. Yellow Cap

Mr. Yellow Cap is a patent-pending aftermarket design of the original, vintage Blitz/Kolpin/Rotopax style, plastic yellow cap. Since the original cap can no longer be purchased, Mr. Yellow Cap is the perfect yellow cap replacement for you! We have solved the issue of losing the cap by including a string in the Mr. Yellow Cap Pack. Never lose your cap again!
Watch Our Video to see how to use Mr. Yellow Cap.

 FAQs about Mr. Yellow Cap-What type of cans does Mr. Yellow Cap fit?

Mr. Yellow Cap works as a replacement for your lost Blitz, Kolpin, Rotopax, and Sceptor brand plastic spouts. Vintage to new, we have the cap for you!

FAQs about Mr. Yellow Cap-Is Mr. Yellow Cap made in the USA

Yes! The entire cap is made and packaged in Fall Branch, TN. When you purchase a Mr. Yellow Cap, you are getting a good, American made product at an affordable price.

FAQs about Mr. Yellow Cap-Could Mr. Yellow Cap save me money?

Absolutely! The largest expense to losing your gas can cap is the cost to repair your lawn care equipment. A quote from the ALTAQUIP website shows a list of things you can do to protect your lawn care investments. #1 on the list is “Keep It Clean”. Dirt needs to be kept out of the fuel delivery system and Mr. Yellow Cap does that!

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-Whats the big deal if my Yellow Cap is missing

We found other interesting information when we did the research. Eleven people were killed and over 1200 seriously injured by exploding gas cans, as reported by NBC News . . . “At NBC News’ request, the Consumer Product Safety Commission analyzed available incident and injury databases and counted reports of at least 11 deaths and 1,200 emergency room visits that involved gas can explosions during the pouring of gasoline since 1998.” That’s just the action of pouring, what about the static discharge? The fumes from gasoline are extremely flammable and without a properly fitted and secured, cap on the end of the spout, the gas can is subject to explosions. Studies show that even static sparks can ignite them. This made us very nervous, as we always go to the gas station to fill up the gas cans and always smell the fumes on the way back. We were always worried that it would dump over and spill. Don’t put yourself or your family in a potential hazardous situation, protect yourself!
Another article talks again about static discharge, but also addresses the hazard specifically for portable fuel containers. Click here and take a look.
The potential for ignition is great, read this article from the Petroleum Equipment Institute, and watch the video below.

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-examples of creative solutions

So what are people doing to solve this problem? Some creative temporary solutions have included:
  • filling spout with a Rag
  • filling spout with rolled up paper
  • covering spout with water bottle
  • filling spout with whittled stick
  • covering spout with surgical glove tied to end
  • covering spout with glove
faqs what size spout does mr yellow cap fit?
FAQ inside diameter of Mr. Yellow Cap
FAQ image with Outside Diameter of Spout

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-will the cap fit in stored position

The answer is no and the reason is this, we had to make a change to the cap to avoid violating the patent laws.  So we decided to add the “bill” and kill two birds with one stone.  First the “bill” allows you to tie a string to the cap and your gas can handle, thus never losing it again.  Second, adding the “bill” change the description of the cap to allow a new patent.  Now, the problem, having the “bill” on the cap does not allow the retaining ring to be put into place, as the original cap design was round and fit perfectly inside the retaining ring.  What we discovered was that 80% of the people store their cans with the spout exposed.  That leaves the 20% who prefer to have the spout stored in the can.  We are working on a solution for the 20%, but haven’t come up with a good one yet.  See the pictures for reference to this problem.

Will Cap Allow Can to be Stored Position?
Will Cap Allow Can to be Stored Position?
Will Cap Allow Can to be Stored Position?

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-what is a vent

The vent is a 1/2 inch outside diameter with a 7/32in or .222in inside vent hole diameter. You can install them in Blitz, Wedco, Scepter, Essence, Eagle, Midwest, Briggs & Stratton, no-spill, brand gas cans and many other types of fuel cans / jugs.

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-is the vent included

Yes! We decided to include in our Mr. Yellow Cap packs at no extra charge a Mr. Yellow Vent. These are for added safety and ease of pouring. The benefits of using a Mr. Yellow Vent, (which you mount on the back of your gas can), is that now you have a quick way to release the pressure, before pouring. Also, ease of pouring without splashing and quicker pouring. Mr. Yellow Cap supplies vents that come with and without diaphragm, depending on what is in stock at the time we order from the distributor.

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-How do I install a vent

If your vent(s) come to you with a diaphragm, you will need to puncture the diaphragm (with a knife, paper clip or other sharp pointed object) with the amount of air flow you desire.  If you want maximum air flow, drill the center of the vents out with a 7/64″ drill bit and trim the edges, before installation.
To install a vent, first pre-drill a small hole in the can on top, opposite of the spout with a 1/16” drill bit. Then drill the final hole with a 1/2” boring bit (be gentle when drilling, and check can for any debris). Now you have your 1/2” hole, all you have to do to install the vent in by tapping the vent with a hammer, or if you’re “strong like bull,” snap that puppy in with the palm of your hand, push firmly to fully seat.

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-How do I place an order

Place your order right now online or call us directly at (423) 288-7157. We will be happy to accept your order either way and hope to provide you with the best customer service you can find. If for some reason you get a voicemail, please leave your detailed contact info, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-Which currency do you use

We use USD for all transactions. If you are mailing a check for a wholesale order, make sure you verify the conversion of your currency before mailing your check. If you are unaware of the proper currency conversion or have no knowledge of what your currency converts to, please call us at (423) 288-7157 and we will be happy to assist you.

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-What type of payments do you accept

We accept Amazon Payments, Paypal, Visa, Master Card, and Debit Cards. Wholesale orders can be paid by corporate check. Please contact us for further information regarding wholesale orders and payment by check.
Please click here to contact us.

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-Is my order secure

You can be assured that your order is secure because we are using two of the most secured ordering systems on the internet; PayPal and Amazon Payments.

faqs-mr-yellow-cap-How much is shipping

We strive to keep our costs as low as possible, thus allowing as many people who need Mr. Yellow Cap to afford it. We currently offer FREE SHIPPING to all 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico, for orders over $5.50!  If you have shipping questions outside the USA, please contact us.

 faqs-mr-yellow-cap-How fast will my order be processed

Mr. Yellow Cap believes that customer service still exists, and to prove it, orders received during the week are shipped within 24 hours after the payment has been processed. Orders placed on Friday by 7:30 pm EST will be processed the following Saturday morning. If you order on Saturday or Sunday, we will process your order on Monday. Now that is fast

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