Have you thought about the everyday cost of not having a good cap in place on your gas cans while they are in storage? The largest expense is the cost to repair lawnmowers, chain saws, weed eaters, etc. because of dirt getting in the carburetors. If a stored gas can sits for months in your shed or garage, dirt and dust will accumulate on it and of course, if the spout is left open, dirt gets in the can. What happens when you now pour into your gas powered device? The dirt goes in the gas tank. Getting these items repaired is not cheap.

Did you also know that gasoline evaporates? If you do not have a good gas cap can, like Mr. Yellow Cap, you are paying up to $3.00 per gallon for gasoline and letting it evaporate into the air, causing more pollution and wasted money.

A quote from the ALTAQUIP website shows a list of things to look for and #1 on the list is . . . 1. Keep It Clean. Dirt needs to be kept out of the fuel delivery system. Debris can get into power tools by collecting on gas cans or gas caps.

To recap, the 3 Ways Mr. Yellow Cap Will Save You Money are:

  1. Keeps dirt and debris out of your gas can!
  2. Keeps your carburetors clean!
  3. Helps eliminate evaporation of gas!

Start saving money now and order your Mr. Yellow Cap!